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Prof. Dr. Janine Maniora recently published a new research paper entitled “Reform des Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex 2019 – When the public speaks, does the government commission listen?” in the journal of auditing „Die Wirtschaftsprüfung“ (WPg) that is coauthored by JProf. Dr. Nadine Georgiou (TU Dortmund University). The paper examines the public consultation process of the new German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK). In general, the Code “presents essential statutory regulations for the management and supervision of German listed companies and contains, in the form of recommendations and suggestions, internationally and nationally acknowledged standards for good and responsible corporate governance” (Government Commission, 2019). However, the public comments from different groups of stakeholder show advantages and disadvantages of single regulations. The empirical analysis of all 111 comments received from about seven countries discusses several regulations and gives an overview about which stakeholder group mainly agrees or disagrees with single regulations. You can find the article here.